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Well because I’m not a parent I wouldn’t beable to tell you exactly what it will be like from a parents perspective. But what I do know is my mother has said many times before she always thought it would be horribly hard but said since things were always added alittle at a time it wasn’t to hard. Like I didn’t go straight from formula to foods, she slowly added foods to my diet when I was ready for table foods. Plus it will probably help if when you start adding table foods to your daughters diet (not sure if she’s old enough for table food yet) but just don’t give her things that will add up to alot of phes (or exchanges). Because a bite of regular bread maybe few phes but when your daughter gets older she’ll have a greater appetite and she’ll go from eatting a bite of bread to 2 or 3 slices which can really add up. So just start simple with fruits and veggies and low pro foods and try to avoid things that could someday add up to alot of phes or exchanges or whatever you count food in. nBreanna

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