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Hi Breanna,
Being restricted on a low protein diet is really hard at times like you know. If your sister is taking phenex 2 I certainly don’t blame her not taking it as I really got so sick on this formula! nMaybe experiment with the formulas and get her on the low volumn formula as she might do much better with this since the formula is the most important part of the PKU lifestyle as I like to call it!
I think we learn as we live. Your sister is eating foods or having too many of the phes eventually she will know that this way of living isn’t ideal. All that you and your mother can do is to keep working with her and never giving up even though she is driving you both crazy! nGive her information about PKU but try not to sound bossy or demanding as she will listen to you by actually talking to her about PKU.
I certain wish you and all of your family a great christmas and a happy new year!!!

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