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Debbie, yes we have asked her if she wants to try new formulas although she didn’t really seem like she wanted to. But in the end she agreed that when we go back to the doctor in like 3 months she’ll try some (we couldn’t get in any earlier). It kind of seems like she just doesn’t want to stop what she’s doing to drink her milk, which I can totally understand because even today it annoys me to have to stop what I’m doing to drink my formula (I can’t really drink my formula with meals because otherwise I get stomach aches).
Sarah, lol I went thru a “I’ll scream bloody murder” phase when I was younger, and I can tell you it will pass. Also since I went thru a phase like my sister is going thru I’m pretty sure it will pass but I was just getting alittle worried, as was my mother, because we have noticed some changes in her since her levels went up. Also even today when my levels aren’t where they need to be I get alittle crabby aswell. nThanks for the help, and happy holidays to you guys! nBreanna

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