Community Discussion Forum Adults and PKU what did you do when you date ? Reply To: what did you do when you date ?

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hey guys,
first of all i just want to tell y’all that im only 19…20 in may…and i know that this a 20 and up group…but seriously, this is the only group that knows whats what. no offense to some of the other people or “groups” out there, but they don’t know that much about pku and it’s sad. i hope y’all don’t mind if im in here for a bit, anyways about the dating thing, popcorn…definately! if it’s like a fancy date, some type of potato or salad or even soup. just work around the menu. if ur date is a nice person he or she will understand why you are ordering what u are. this kinda goes with the younger groups not realizing wat is going on, they are embarassed to tell people, or they just don’t want to take the time, but you kno what? it really isn’t that hard. hope that helpd u a bit.

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