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But for me, in my own mind Pku is not a problem for me, so if your thinking I’m trying to put out there that I hate pku then your wrong, I was the lucky little baby out of maybe 15,000 and so is my younger sister and we’re both proud of it. And yes I’ll admit at times PKU gives me alittle bumps in the road but doesn’t everything in life? Honestly, if a cure for PKU ever came out I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even take it, me and my mother have talked about this before and I’ve already said I wouldn’t take it. I’m not embarassed to have PKU but more of the fact that sometimes I don’t like being put on the spot (just in general not just about PKU) and that isn’t a crime to want to not be the center of attention sometimes. Also I don’t mind people knowing about my PKU but sometimes I’m just not sure how to explaining it so that people with understand so sometimes I just don’t tell people, not because I’m embarassed or anything but, because I don’t know away that they’ll understand.
Don’t get me wrong alot of people know about my PKU but there are still some who don’t know just because they are usually the people who may not understand. So again I’m not trying to say PKU is a dreaded curse or anything it’s just that, like everything in life, there are the ups and downs and sometimes not knowing how to explain PKU is one of the downs. And just because maybe sometimes I don’t know what to tell people doesn’t mean I’m dumb or anything or don’t know about my PKU because I know alot about it but sometimes I just prefer not to tell others or just don’t know how to and neither of those are crimes. I am proud to have PKU, but I’m the type of person who is (I guess you could say) proud on the inside, but that is how I am with most things I don’t run around and tell everyone in the world when i get an A on a test and thats the same with PKU, if you ask I’ll tell you but other wise it’s not a big deal.
Heck for the most part I don’t really even think about my PKU. I’m not saying I neglect my diet or anything, but it’s just become so much a part of my life that taking an extra minute to write things down that I eat and drink my formula aren’t a big deal to me so if it’s not a big deal for me then why should it be for other people? And if it’s not a big deal for other people then is there really even the need to go around and tell people I don’t even know about my PKU? Anyway I’m just coming all down to this, I’m proud to have PKU but just like being proud with anything that doesn’t mean I have to run around and tell everyone, maybe I just choose to not tell everyone what I’m proud about. nBreanna noh sorry about the hugely long post.

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