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Hey, nMy name is Julie and I am 18. I live in Illinois and I could not agree more with the whole PKU SUCKS thing. I have had problems since I can rememebr. My sister is the “perfect one” and does everything she is suppose to. I sneek food all the time although I know I shouldn’t. THe only thing that has raised my hopes recently was the new formula, the cooler packs. they come in orange and purple and they are soo much better for kids my age. That way you just shake and go and there are NO clumps or smell!!! but as for food, I am not sure if I can give up real food. I want to because I want to have healthy kids someday. I am so glad I found your conversation because I have been wanting to talk to someone who feels my same way about this stupid disease. I hope I can join your “group”

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