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You know I’m not trying to sound mean or whine or anything but I just have to say this. I did end up going to the cookie exchange where I lived and no offense but me and the very few other teens that were there found a few of the adults alittle…whats the best way to put it umm like they didn’t care what we thought. They made it seem as if we’re teens so we know nothing or that just because we handle our diets different that means we don’t know much about PKU but what I say is if the way we’re handling our diets is working then who cares. But anyway it just really suprised me and the maybe 2 or 3 other teens that these adults who were maybe in their early 30’s and late 20’s were saying the things they said. Just because someone runs their diet different or maybe doesn’t know every tiny detail about PKU doesn’t mean they are bad about their diet, I mean hey we should be learning from the adults in the PKU world right? Not listening to them complain about how ‘uneducated’ we are and frankly I think I know a very good handful about PKU and I even want to become a peditrician and specialize in PKU so even if I don’t I will eventually know alot. Okay I’m done, sorry I was just wondering if any other teens felt like some of the PKU adults feel negative towards teens (some not all because there are still alot that are super nice and helpful). Just wondering. nBreanna

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