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The first time I met with my dietition after I turned 18, he met with me and it was a serious meeting. It is kind of cool though because we get to go into a different room now and they can only tell my mom what I say they can tell her. So since I had really high levels, he asked me if I wanted to just quit the diet because it was my choice. I have wanted that choice my whole life but when it was offered to me I had to turn it down. It was wierd. not because I dont like most of the other foods, i do, I love ham and cheese, it was just wierd. I couldn’t go off the diet. and now I am happy i chose that because my levels are back down, we got new really good food at wal mart that we can have and now i dont have to worry as much about when I want to get pregnant. But I love being able to tell my doctor what TRULY goes on at school and social events and having her trust (by law) to not tell my mother.

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