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Hi Jennifer, my name’s Breanna I’m 15. Out of me and my 6 sibilings me and my 8 year old sister (Erica) have CPKU. I have on small tid bit of advice since I noticed you said you are starting to introduce foods. You might want to try to introduce small things like fruits and veggies before snack type foods. When I was younger my mom said she gave me more of the fruits and veggies and with my sister it was more of things like fruit snacks or fruit roll ups, just lower snack foods. And now to this day my little sister seems to be the one who likes more snack foods then low protein foods. I on the other hand am the one who prefers things like low protein recipes. Because of that fact it’s alittle harder to keep her levels down because she always wants to have chips or little debbie snacks like our non PKU sibilings instead of something like low pro cookies. So that’s just alittle advice I have, if you have any other questions about what might happen in the later years feel free to ask me. nBreanna

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