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heya, nBrenna whats up?That’s cool you’ve a bit of irish blood!where in the states u from?i visited a few times,on all my visits i found it hard to eat out over there.must b hard for you.In saying that I don’t stick to the diet religously!!!
Claire hey what part of dub u from?i’m from Tallaght,kilnamanagh.yea i go to temple street,well haven’t went for a visit in a few years.They should really start a social club or something.I read on your profile u have 11 exchanges,do u stick to them?Do u take the PKU express?At the moment I’m off and on the diet,jus wondering how u cope with it.I have been this way for years.Would love to go back on but it’s very difficult.And someday I do want a family so I’m thinking that’s it just the right thing to do now.Any advice or just what you eat on a daily basis be great…

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