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Hi Kelly,
That is mad im from tallaght too. I live in aylesbury so not far from u at all.
Thats weird i never knew anyone else in tallaght wit pku except for one girl that used to live in homelawns.
I dont really stick to my 11 exchanges to tell u the truth i try most days but i dont go over 2 much usually. I take phlexy 10 sachets i take 7 a day and 5 phlexy vit tablets. I go to temple st about once a year now was der in august and not der again till next august. My cousin has pku aswell and she is only 5 so she is at temple st a lot more so i find out if there is anything new from my auntie which is handy.
I dont eat much of the prescription foods though i eat the pasta a good bit and use the lo profin milk on my cereal but other than that i eat normal food. I should eat the low protein bread but i cant i just havent eaten it in so long that i find it so hard now to get used to the taste.
How many exchanges do u have?

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