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Okay sorry if I sound a bit whiny for a minute but this just makes me really mad! Well I know this is probably pathetic but when it comes to blood tests I’m a chicken, I hate needles. So my mom got a new little manual clicker thing for when we do blood tests which we did today. It may of taken about 30 minutes for me to do it, but for the first time in my life I did my own blood test all on my own. And yes I know that’s probably pathetic considering I’m 15 but what made me so mad was instead of my mom saying something nice like “Good job” or something she complained about how I poked myself in the wrong spot. My thinking is I got the blood so who cares where I poke myself, heck if I want to poke myself in the eye (not that I would ) then as long as I’m gonna get the blood then I’m going to! It just makes me so mad that she always makes a joke out of the fact that I’m afraid of doing the blood tests. And again I know this is pathetic considering my little sister who is 8 has no problem, but I can’t help that I’m scared. I even told her I wanted to poke the heck out of my hand (again I was joking) but the thing is I can’t do it, right before I do I chicken out. Anyway It just makes me so mad how anytime I do something good like bringing my level down or something she always finds away to say it wasn’t good enough for her!
Sorry for the ranting.

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