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Working as a DJ would be interesting!! People don’t understand the challenges, expense and the day to day maitainance of living on a low protein diet and the problems formula can have in our lives at times. We are expected just to do it without much support which is really hard and fustrating. The problem that most of us have in our 40s that we are trying to educate people about PKU, the medical professionals are learning from us and we go to clinic to educate them about PKU well we seem to at our clinic even though the staff are nice. I rather enjoy educating people about PKU and am quite proud of the fact that I have PKU. The only time I get fustrated is when I am sick but I am usually very healthy except now I have one of these stupid bugs, or when I get chunks in my PKU Express cooler. I contacted Vitaflo Australia and of course I got the bad batch!! They will replace my boxes for free and work really quickly to solve the problem!! nThat is life!!

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