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to heatherfrazier…. ni just want to say first of all i think its AWESOME that you want to understand all you can about your baby’s condition…the best thing a PKU kid can have is good support ! I am 20 years old and in my second year nursing..soon to be an RN. My whole life my parents have taught me about the diet and there are still things im learning. My phe levels were always excellent right up to grade 12, but when i went away to university they got a little higher. still not bad, the nurses at the hospital werent too concerned. One of the hardest thigns for me growing up as im sure it is for a lot of PKU people was having to explain why i couldnt eat certain things. I went through a stage of just telling people i was allergic to lots of foods, or even that i was allergic to protein:P It wasnt that i was embarassed, i just was sick of explaining. Now i love explaining to people about PKU, some people are fascinated by it and i think you start to realize that as time goes on. I have a group of friends and we are all really tight, they all know about my PKU and even watch out for me saying things like “are you sure you should be eating that?” of “how much protein’s in that?” anyways i could go on for a while here but if you want to know anything else please ask !

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