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I have to agree with Kimjones, even though it is still just a tad bit hard for me to explain it’s not nearly as hard as it was when I was maybe 10. I guess it has gotten easier because my friends are more understanding and interested and I know a whole lot more about my PKU then I did when I was littler. When I get older I actually want to become a peditrician and work with children in genetics (mainly PKU) so I guess in my near future PKU is going to become even more of a focus in my life so I’m just taking it one step at a time. And anyway to me PKU really isnt’ a big deal anymore, I just eat differently.
OH and this is alittle off topic but I’m soooo happy, I know because I’m 15 this is probably alittle later then most of you started this. But anyway we did bloodtests on Monday and for the first time I did my bloodtest on my own, and I know alot of you might of started doing this alot earlier but for me (since I absolutely hate needles) I think this is a huge improvement. It took me like 45 minutes or something like that before I did it but I did it all the same!

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