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My experience with PKU at college has been phenomenal, and I have heard other similar stories through the listserv and National PKU News. I am at the University of Chicago, and prior to starting the school year, my parents and I had made appointments to speak with dining/housing services about ways in which I could store and have access to make some of my low-phe meals. Getting prepared food shipped to me from home wasn’t really an option, since I’m originally from upstate New York. The staff in my dining hall not only agreed to store my foods, but also has taken over in preparing low-protein foods especially for me on a near-daily basis. We have a schedule set up, and at the beginning of each quarter, I fill out an Excel spreadsheet with the different meals that I would like for the quarter on which days, with approximate times. I work directly with our dining hall’s supervisors and head chefs, and am on a first-name basis with most of them. They go above and beyond even anything that we have asked them to do; they order supplies and mixes from Cambrooke, SHS, etc. and they also go out of their way to double check in case they are not sure if something is not acceptable to put in my dish (spices or garnishes) and often create even more elaborate meals than I requested with food that they know I can have (a vegetable jambalaya pasta instead of just spaghetti with sauce). I would encourage any of you, before going to college, to speak to dining services about your situation. It is well within your rights to do so, and you have nothing to lose with such a reasonable request. I apologize for the length of the post!

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