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I jus wanted to let you know that I am pku and I had a baby who does not have pku. From what I understand, the mother and father first both have to be carriers of the gene. Otherwise there is no possible way of having a baby with pku. But the baby will automatically carry that gene as his father does. You should be able to ask your dr to give you a test that will show if you are a gene carrier. If you are I am told that you will have a 1 in 4 chance of having a baby with pku. When you deliver there are a series of tests ran as soon as the baby is born. Testing for pku is one of them. You need to let your dr know that your husband is pku so that they will take an extra test or 2. That is very important because if they don’t detect it immediately then the child could suffer retardation. Also there may be special reasons under the circumstances of you needing to have extra testing during pregnancy to check the development of the baby. That would then qualify you as a high risk pregnancy. Hope this helps! Michelle

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