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These are the chances that I’ve gotten from both my biology teacher (smart guy might I add) and my dietian and I also did what is called a punnett chart (just a chart to help you figure out the chances) and these are the chances I received:
2 non carrier parents would have 0 chances of having a PKU child
1 non carrier and 1 carrier would have 0 chances of having a PKU child but 1/4 chance that your child will be a carrier aswell (this is the only one I’m not positive about)
2 carrier parents would have 1/4 chance of having a pku child and 1/4 chance of having just a carrier and 1/2 of having a non carrier child
1 carrier and 1 PKU parent would have a 1/2 chance of having PKU children and any children without pku will automatically be a carrier (since the PKU parent can only pass on the PKU gene the carrier parent can pass one 2 things, either a non PKU gene or a PKU gene)
And finally 2 PKU parents would have all PKU children
Last time I checked those are the chances, so if you do go to your doctor to see if your a carrier you can know your chances. If your a carrier then 1/2 of your children will have PKU and if your not then non of your children will be (but no matter what all your non PKU children will atleast be carriers of the gene since all your husband can pass on is a PKU gene…since that’s all he has).

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