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Hi, I’m 15 and have CPKU aswell along with my 8 year old sister, We’re ‘PKU-Buddies’ as she would put it. I also have a brother (he’s 17) and 4 sisters (18, 12, 9 and 5) without PKU. I don’t really talk to many people in my family about my PKU besides my mom and my ‘PKU-Buddy.’ If someone brings it up I’m more then happy to talk about it but I don’t really bring it up to like my siblings because my 9 and 5 year old sisters don’t understand much of it (they know what PKU is but it just doesn’t interest them). Plus, my 12 year old sister and I don’t exactly get along alot, she’s a cloth stealer, she steals my cloth lol! I’ll admit me and her have some sibiling rivalry and as for my older brother and older sister…well whenever I bring it up they automatically turn it into that I’m whining about PKU. It could be something so simple as me asking them if they could get my formula out of the fridge and they’ll be like ‘you know it’s not that hard to do, you make it seem like it’s hard to get it out of the fridge.’ And then they go on a rampage and turn it into that I was sayign that to complain about PKu instead of thinking maybe I just didn’t want to get up. Then my dad, well simply put he’s not the serious type, he goofs off alot and is a nutball (but he’s my nutball! ) nAlot of my friends know about my PKU and most of them are really interested and helpful, but I didn’t start telling them until last year when I started highschool. Before that I was really shut down about my PKU. nBreanna

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