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Hey Lauren, I’m Breanna and I’m 15 (16 in June). Me and my 8 year old sister have PKU. Anyway I do have a myspace so I’ll be sure to add you.
Anyway, I was looking back on Gabbie’s post and somewhere you mentioned something about school…grr lets not talk about school . I’m just so frustrated, I’m getting basically all A’s in everything but History I’m getting like a D! And the fact that I’ve always sucked at social study and I don’t like my teacher or my class mates doens’t help. I have some of the same kids in my social studies class in my biology aswell and they found out I have PKU when I did a presentation for the class and they didn’t say anything during bio but because my history teacher is so laid back they bug me about it and say rude things because they know they’ll get away with it in that class and it’s just another thing that they can bug me about. I try not to let them get to me but when your hearing these thigns it’s not like you can just automatically put a smile on your face, although I try extremely hard to look on the bright side some of these thigns they’re saying I cna’t ignore and they really get to me…

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