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when ever ur young u think ur like everyone else. the first time i notice somehing diffrent about me in the lunch room i would look around and wonder why i was not eating wha they was eating and drinking what they are drinking like milk. but i have adatage during lunck i got to drink cola,s in the lunch room when noone else could. in grade school i had peole who took care of me the lunch ladies where my angels they watch out for me in school .my head angel was paralee . we are still close and we talk all the time . plu her and her son where my pku hero,s . david is her son we was close .pluse we dated for 3 years he was my first boy friend plus he was my angel along with is mother. on january 1,2006 he died in a car wreck. o that was so hard on me.he is still my angel and he is still watching over me. we was each others frist girl friend and boy friend. david was his name . it was so hard. he never judged me he never let anyone else laugh or talk about me . r.i.p david love ya ang

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