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Yeah we only go twice a year, when your daughter gets older she’ll probably only have to come in twice a year two because that’s what it mostly is when you get older. For my little sister she absolutely loves her formula. I used to like it but my mom said when I was 3 my old dietian said I had to switch formulas right away an I loved that formula. They wouldn’t let my mom slowly mix the formulas so that I could get to the new one but instead just took away my old formula and gave me a new kind and my mom said I didn’t like the new kind and wanted my old kind back. She said that’s when I started to rebel and stuff and it was hard for me until like september of this year. After they switched my formulas when I was 3 I could never find anything I like but in September I switched to what are called the PKUexpress coolers and they are like juices and come already made in juice pouches and they are actually really good, and easy to take.
So I’m just suggesting if you have to switch your daughters formula (which you probably will have to eventually) you really should try to switch then slowly by mixing the old formula and new formula. My mom did this with my sister and my little sister never even realized that they switched her formula. So yeah in the beginning I loved my formula, then I didn’t for like 10 years and now I love it! The PKUexpress coolers are great, they come in purple (tastes like a berry juice) and orange(like a citrus juice) nBreanna

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