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Hi my name’s Breanna, I’m 15 and both me and my 8 year-old sister have PKU. Your son should be fine for now, but if you really are concerned and don’t want to wait then I would say go ahead and find another doctor. Your the mother so if you think your going to worry until then then just get another doctor because it’s not worth waiting. Also, I just want to tell you this, everything will be okay. When your son begins to eat foods just keep him on his diet and educate him about it and he’ll be just like everyone else. He’ll just eat alittle different, most of my friends didn’t even know that I had PKU until I told them (some of them I’ve known since 4th grade, I was homeschool until then so that was when I began making friends). Most of them said I seemed just like them and they would have never guessed and now that my friends know they are all really interested. I’m just as social as my non-PKU sibilins, almost a straight A student, I dance (tap, jazz, ballet and pointe) so basically what I’m saying is your son will be just like anyother kid if you keep him on this diet for life. nBreanna

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