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Kayla- nMy name’s Breanna, I’m 15 and both me and my 8 year-old sister have PKU! Yeah when I go out to eat like to mcdonalds I get fries and some of those apple dippers and then usually just fries at other fast food restraunts. If it’s a sit down restraunt I usually get fries and a salad. I was just curious how many phes you get? Me and my sister get 300 phes (or 20 exchanges). I know it can be tempting at time, now that I’m in highschool (I’m a sophmore) there are so many different different things in the lunch lines and it gets hard. I guess it has helped alot after last year when I started telling alot of my friends about my PKU (before only my best friends knew). Now all of my friends kind of look out for me and try to help stop me from eatting things I can’t have. I guess it just takes time and patiences, if you want to stop sneaking you got to tell yourself no (Yeah I know easier said then done). I’ve been sneaking for basically my whole life and I’m just getting myself under control now. Anyway I hope things go good for you and I’m here if you ever want to chat! nBreanna

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