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I’ll try to give you a brief answer as to how you’ll treat your sons PKU (sorry if I’m alittle hard to understand, I’m alittle out of it as I’m sick right now). Anyway, your son will have to be put on a low Phenylalanine (also called a low protein) diet which means no meat, dairy, bread, pasta, nuts ect. Basically nothing high in protein. He will also have to drink a special metabolic formula to get all of the nutrition that he is missing because he isn’t able to eat meat and other foods. You’ll also have to do blood tests which depending on what your doctor requests could be anywhere from once every week to once everyone month.
What your trying to treat by putting your son on this diet is the amount of phenylalanine in his blood. For someone with PKU their body can’t process an amino acid found in protein called phenylalanine into tyrosine so their bodies send the phenylalanine to their brain instead of tyrosine. Phenylalanine can build up in the blood stream and eventually block the blood flow and oxygen flow to the brain which can cause things like headaches, tremors/shakes, poor concentration, irritability, mood swings ect. But no need to worry because if your son remains on his diet you can avoid all of this. I hope this all helped some what. nBreanna

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