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Hi guys, nSarah, no I didn’t go to the panel discussion. I had planned on it but we ended up staying at the waterpark ’til after 9. It was fun but I don’t think it helped my cold any. Boy was I sick the next day. We headed home and the car broke down in Mauston, about two hours from home. We made it to a gas station with a Wendy’s attached. Jason called our roadside service and the car was towed. Somebody named Scotty gave us a ride to the Country Inn. We sat in the lobby watching TV for three hours waiting for my step-dad to come and get us. Easton was a good baby. He slept for quite a while in my arms as we watched the Super Bowl. We finally got home around 10pm. Jason will have to drive back to Mauston on Tues or Wed to get the car. What a day!!
I did really enjoy the conference. I talked to a lot of other moms and was really encouraged. I liked to food prep session. Some of that food tasted great! I know I’ll be able to put into practice everything I learned.

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