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I drink the PKUexpress coolers (they’re already made in little juice pouches). I’m supposed to have atleast 3 a day, but I average about 4 or 5.
It’s not really hard for me because all of my friends know about my PKU and it’s just not an issue. After living with PKU for 15 years it’s just become apart of my life. After all I’ve never tried things like meat and other things my friends eat so I don’t miss it. I just tell my friends, someone who has never had sushi isn’t going to miss it, and I’ve never had some foods and I don’t miss them. When I go places with my friends I just make due with what I have, if there isn’t something for me to eat (which is rare because I can usually find something) then I just deal with it. It’s not going to kill me if I don’t eat exactly like everyone else, after all there aren’t 2 people in the world who eat exactly alike anyway.

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