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Thanks, I always think that’s so horrible when people do stuff like that. People making fun of me used to happen alot when I was younger which is probably why I used to have a horrible outlook on PKU. But recently I got a new dietian (who is amazing might I add!) and my friends have become more understanding and just alot has happened in my life to help me turn my outlook on PKU around and all. I think the biggest thing was when I first saw my second cousins daughter for the first time (my dad’s cousin’s daughter is almost 2). She has a genetic disorder that has left her basically deaf and she is a sweet girl and all but has alot of learning issues. I just thought to myself, PKU can easily be handled by a diet, I can decide if I want good health or not but this little girl can’t. There isn’t any cure for her, not a diet, not anything. She has to live like this and there isn’t anything her parents can really do.
I guess that’s kind of why I’ve become alittle happier about PKU. nBreanna

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