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Don’t feel bad, someday I’m sure your daughter will thank you! I used to hate when my mom nagged me about my formula (have classical PKU so it’s a bit more serious) but now 15 years later and I’m glad she didn’t just give into me. You could look into a new formula, they’ve come out with alot of new things. nFor example: they have the PKUexpress coolers (which I take). They come in purple (a berry flavor) and orange (a citrus flavor) and they come already made in these little juice pouches. They taste good except that they leave alittle vitamin after taste. There is also the xphe maxamum which I tried and I’m hoping to start taking soon, I like a variaty, they are like the PKUexpress coolers accept they come in juice boxes. They come in both berry and orange but I think they taste better then the coolers, and they don’t really leave an after taste. There are also things like the phenylade amino acid bars which she could take (they are like chocolate candy bars, minus the phes and they have protein, amino acids ect). Or there are the phlexy 10 bars. Simply put there are alot of things you could experiment and it can’t hurt anything to try, if anything it might help!
If switching formulas isn’t really an option then you could try adding things to her formula. I used to have alot of problems with liking my formula and my grandma used to always mix my formula with nestle strawberry syrup when I was at her house and it helped alot. You could also add things like Kool aid or anything with flavoring. Just out of curiousity what formula does your daughter drink?
I hope this helped alittle! nBreanna

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