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PKU-princess, nYou might want to try getting your daughter a different formula. They have alot of stuff out there now and I’m sure she’ll beable to find something she likes. After 15 years of me and my mom fighting over my milk I finally found something that satisfied me in Sept.
If your daughters dietian says she can’t switch, if your dietian doesn’t have a really good answer then I wouldn’t take no for an answer. When my dietian told my mom something when I was little my mom did what she said because she thought it was right, but in the long run my mom admits that things were probably harder then they needed to be. I now have a new dietian who is all up for giving me freedom and letting me try anything I want and things have gotten so good! My levels went from blood levels of about 11 or 12mg/dl in Sept to 2.2mg/dl. Which considering my levels need to be between 2-6mg/dl that is wonderful! Sometimes it just takes trying some new things. nBreanna

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