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hello, my name is Emily, I am 17 and I have classical PKU. I am pretty new to this website, but after reading all of these posts I think I have something that can help. Last year my mom (non-PKU) participated in something called the Resource Mom Program. It is a program that pairs PKU women who want to start families with moms of PKU kids (like my mom) to act as resources. These Resource Moms can help with things like getting back on the diet (if you were ever off of it) before getting pregnant, finding you low-phe foods, answering diet questions while pregnant, and other things like that. The philosophy here is that the Resource Moms know a lot about the new products and the diet-for-life philosophy that may be able to help. If you want any more information, consider talking to your doctor about it- she may know about it as well. Or I could see if my mom knows anything about the program this year. Good luck!

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