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I totally agree with that, if I asked a friend a question I would want an answer. If my friends do ask questions I do answer them and I answer then as honestly as I can, but if it’s not brought up then I just don’t feel the need to randomly say, “Hey did you know I have PKU?” Lately it hasn’t been hard at all for me to explain my PKU, if people ask I’ll explain anything you want. Also I looked back on the few posts I put and I noticed maybe I might have sounded alittle whiny but I just wanted you to know I didn’t mean to sound that way. And also in my last two post if it sounded like I was trying to be mean I wasn’t! I was just trying to explain alittle bit why it was hard for me to explain my PKU at that time. Thankfully it’s been easy lately and I don’t mind the questions anymore, answering a few questions here and there has just become a part of life.
I’m never planning on going off diet and neither is my sister. I already know that even if on few occasions the diet might be alittle hard it’s not worth going off diet. I have alot planned for my future and I know going off diet won’t help me at all in acomplishing what I want. By the way it’s great to hear your back on diet!
Take care everyone! Talk to you soon! nBreanna

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