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To answer your question, yes PKU is in genetics. nTo have a PKU child both the parents need to be either a carrier of the gene or actually have PKU. These are the chances of people having a PKU child:
With 2 non carrier parents they would have 0% chances of having a PKU child (because neither of them are carrying the PKU gene so they can’t possibly pass it onto their baby).
With 1 non carrier and 1 carrier they would have 0% chance of having a PKU child but 25% chance that their child will be a carrier aswell (this is the only one that might be wrong, they still can’t have a PKU child but they have a small chance of having a PKU child)
With 2 parents that are carriers they would have 25% chance of having a pku child and 25% chance of having just a child carrying the gene and 50% chance of having a non carrier child
With 1 carrier and 1 PKU parent they would have a 50% chance of having a PKU child and any children without pku will automatically be a carrier (since the PKU parent can only pass on the PKU gene the carrier parent can pass on 2 things, either a non PKU gene or a PKU gene)
With 1 non carrier parent and a PKU parent they would have no PKU children but all would be carriers
And finally 2 PKU parents would have all PKU children
Since PKU is a genetic disorder then it is a gene that parents pass down to their children, these are just the estimated averages though because I know of parents who are both carriers and have 3 kids and all 3 have PKU.

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