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Hi ladies! I think it is awesome that you guys are meeting and finding friends with pku. I’m enjoying your new found friendships. My daughter is only 1 1/2 so it will be awhile before she’s joining the chats…I see you talk allot about your formula’s etc and I wanted to share some exciting news that my dietician shared with me. I think it is Nutricia, but they are coming out with a flavorless, odarless lil capsule that you will just add to your non-cooked foods, like applesauce or puddings….Dieticians are excited about it, but it is new and might take some time to come out, but it would help on the nasty smell and taste. As a mom, I hate to hear that you guys cheat. I try to understand and I guess I cannot, but be strong! There are so many variations of things out there, you can find one that is just as good, be creative! Also, as a mom I want to warn you, ladies, I have pictures of you, I know your ages, I know what schools you go to and where you live. Please send that information by email and not in the chat rooms, this is a vulnerable site that predators could be reading…acting like they need a friend…just be cautious…..sorry to be a worried mom, I just know that I wouldn’t want Hannah to share all her info! – Shelly

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