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Shelly- nAfter you brought up cheating I just realize I haven’t gone over my allowment of Phes for the day in atleast 3 weeks! Woohoo! Plus I’ve been drinking like 4 of my juices a day for awhile now and I only need 3.
Since my new dietian showed up in Sept I’ve been making a HUGE effort to control my diet better then I have in the past. My last level in Feb came back as 4mg/dl! And the one before in Jan was 2.2mg/dl so that was really good!
In Dec my level was 6.9mg/dl, then Nov was 8.6mg/dl and then in Sept it was 11.6(we didn’t do one in oct). Are you seeing the same pattern as me?
Anyway hope everything is going good with everyone else here, and I just thought I’d share this because when I realized this I got excited. nBreanna

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