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Thanks and I think that’s a wonderful idea! Lately I’ve actually been eatting a whole bunch of low protein foods so it has been alot easier to not go over my phes for the day. And lately even if I do eat something higher in phe I arrange what I eat for the rest of the day so that I don’t go over my phes. We just in our blood tests today so we’ll see what they come back as in a few days.
Anyway, one thing I’ve loved were kit kat bars (which we all know probably isn’t a good idea to eat). Which was why when I went to a PKU conference I was so excited. Vitaflo came up with these candy bars and they taste just like kit kats (minus the wafer in the middle). Besides that I really like diritos (probably spelt wrong), I stay away from them as much as I can, but I was wondering if anyone had an idea of something that I could substitute for that.

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