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Hi blue bumblebee!
I’m 15 and used to feel left out aswell when I was alittle younger, but there are alot of days when my friends have to eat gross school lunchs and I don’t. Those are the days I’m happy to have PKU. I have classical PKU aswell just thought I’d mention, we can have protein, but just alot less then people with hyperphenylalanimea (hyperphe). Classical PKu is just the most serious case of PKu, but we still have to have some protein because everyone needs some to grow, we just have to limit how much we eat. Me and my little sister both are allowed 300 phes a day (20 exchanges or about 6g of protein).
Don’t be afraid to be alittle different girls! I used to be afraid to tell my friends about my PKU because I thought they wouldn’t like you. Then I realized I’m going to have PKU all my life and I need to stay on my diet to be healthy, so if my friends don’t like me because I have PKu then they truely aren’t my friends. And if they want me to eat something I can’t have then they really don’t care if I’m healthy or not.
Sometimes it might be alittle hard to tell your friends because your not sure how to tell them, but trust me after you do you’ll feel alot better because then you won’t have to hid anything. Plus there are alot of other tasty low protein foods we can have! email me anytime you guys want! I’m always willing to talk and help you guys as much as I can!

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