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I have noticed that aswell. Support boards like these are mostly dominated by people with PKU and mothers, but it’s really great to see a dad for once!
I just want to reassure you that your daughter will be just fine. Both me and my 8 year old sister have Classical PKU and we are no different then our 5 other siblings (who don’t have PKU) and our cousins. I’m an A student, well almost, I take dance classes (tap, jazz, ballet, pointe) and volunteer teaching dance classes and in a few weeks I will be tutoring at my younger sisters elementary. I’m not trying to brag but just the get the point across that your daughter will be fine!
My advice is just treat her the same as anyother child while she’s growing up, because in reality she is just like any other child. She’ll just eat alittle different. Also give her alot of support, let her know it’s perfectly okay to be different (because it is!) and think positively about her diet. Because whatever outlook on PKU you have, will mostly likely be the outlook she will have when she is older. So if you think on the positive side about PKU she probably will aswell. After all there are so many other things out in the world that your daughter could have which could leave her mentally retarded without having a diet to prevent that. nBreanna

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