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Hi Megan-
I think that is great that your trying to help your boyfriends daughter! Anyway, I can tell you from personal experience that it seems like alot of PKU people eat alot of potatoe products (I admit me and my younger sister who is 8 eat ALOT of potatoe products aswell).
I do have some recipes that she might like but I don’t really know all the nutritional values of these foods, but atleast it might get her eatting more of a variety. If you want I can give you a few recipes here. Just let me know. But I just want to leave you with one last comment, if your boyfriends daughters blood levels and tyrosine levels are where they need to be then I wouldn’t worry to much, after all how much phenylalanine she eats will probably be the most important thing for her to watch while she is growing up. nBreanna n15 w/Classical PKU

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