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That’s probably a good idea to get your other daughters retested. Although in most cases if the PKU was missed since they’re older you probably would have realized something wasn’t exactly right. When I was born my mother had my brother (who is about 17 months older then me) retested because he was developmentally slow and had the whole blonde hair and blue eyes. Thankfully he didn’t have PKU. Anyway I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope the results come back good for you.
I just thought I’d mention that I know of a few other support groups similar to this one that you could check out. I’ll just leave you with the websites in case you decide to check them out. (This is mostly adults around their 20’s or 30’s with PKU but they are all very active and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help in anyway possible! They’ve helped me alot!) nBreanna

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