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Mary Caite-
I know what you mean, thru middle school my levels weren’t too great and I was ALWAYS tired. I would be lucky if I could make it home without feeling like I was going to crash and fall asleep. Plus I always fought with my sisters and I had absolutely no motivation when it came to school work.
But now that my levels are alot better I have so much more energy, I hardly fight with my sisters anymore (well no more then most sisters do ) and I’m doing 10 times better in both school and dance classes. So if anyone who is either off diet or not doing good and is reading this I would suggest you try to get back on. I know this probably sounds over said and all but, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER! Take it from someone who knows, I wasn’t even fully off my diet and my levels were just alittle high and I noticed a huge change in myself. So if your off diet and go back on I’m sure you’ll noticed a change 100 times bigger then what I noticed. nBreanna

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