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Megan- nOh my gosh I’m so sorry! I know you sent me an email asking about foods. I know I replied saying I would write back by Wed but I totally forgot. If you could send me your email address again (I think I lost it) to mine then I’ll email you right away. I’m sorry I forgot.
Blue BummbleBee- nFirst of all don’t feel rushed to take your blood on your own! I’m 15 and I still have troubles with taking my blood, I’ve only poked myself once (back in January) and even then my mom still had to get the blood for me. You do the finger pokes I’m guessing right? Before January I had never even attempted to take my blood on my own, it just takes alot of time and patiences. When your ready to start doing your blood tests on your own I’m sure you’ll know, for now try to ignore the yelling. I know from experience when you get yelled at by people like doctors or dietitians it doesn’t help speed you up, actually it discouraged me to try to take my blood on my own. nAs for having more exchanges then you, I know sometimes it stinks when you hear others have more then you. I know someone who has like 60 exchanges!!! I was so jealous but I guess it’s better for me to eat only how many I’m supposed to have instead of going over and getting headaches (I get pretty bad headaches if I go to over my exchanges for the day…well we count in phes but I’m just saying exchanges since that’s what you count in ). Try really hard to only eat how many your allowed, I know you can do it! It just take lots of work sometimes! Feel free to leave me a message here or email anytime you want! I’m always here to talk and I’ll help in anyway I can! nBreanna

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