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Hi and welcome! nYour baby and mine are almost exactly a year apart. My son was born 2/15/06. He was just over a week old when we got the call and had to go to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis (2 hours away). I cried for about two days. Things are good now. nEaston drinks Phenyl-free 1 by Mead-Johnson and likes it. We had to do heel sticks pretty often at first but now it’s about once a month. I think those heel sticks are harder on the parents than the kids. nMy husband and I have done a lot of thinking and talking about PKU. Bottom line is that PKU will not prevent Easton from pursuing anything he wants in life. He will not have a shortened life expectancy. In fact, he’ll probably be more healthy than average due to his diet (veggies and such). Also we have met other families and kids while at the Fairview Children’s Hospital/Clinic and there are definately worse things than PKU.
If we (me, or Brea, or the rest of the members) can be of any help, let us know.

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