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Brea- i can understand how you can feel like that, but dont you ever get really fed up of it? whenever something reminds me of it, it hurts. i dont like thinking about it, so i avoid places or situations where i would. When you walk through a food store, do you ever think what it would be like to be able to eat everything in the store? or when you look at a menu, i just automaticaly look for fries and a salad, imagine be able to eat everything on the menu!!! My point is, i look for things im aloud instead of things i like or want, that range is TINEY, do you see and think about that, or are you just so used to it, it dosent bother you anymore? i am the only one with PKU in my family, the food i eat is allways different from my family’s and friends, i dont have anyone to share the experience, maybe thats why i find it so hard.

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