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Maddy- nFirst of all great to hear for you again! Anyway, for the most part no it doesn’t really bother me to have PKU. I’m not saying PKU is the best life to live in the world, but it’s alot better then other genetic disorders we could have right?
As for the foods, I don’t go shopping to much, my mom usually does that. Plus I have tried bacon once, on accident of course. Me and my mom went to a restaurant and got a salad but forgot to make sure there was no bacon, cheese, eggs ect on it. Well it came out with Bacon on it, we decided not to make a big deal and just pick it off and I missed a piece and took a big bite of it! It was soooo gross, so I know for a fact that’s one thing I don’t miss at all! Plus my thinking is, how can I miss something I’ve never had? I don’t know I guess that’s just my thinking.
I think me and my sister both having PKU helps her alot more then it does me. Since I’m about 8 years older then her she learns 100 times more from me then I learn from her…but it still helps somewhat. It also helps that within the past year or so me and my friends have grown up and I’ve realize, it doesn’t matter what I eat my friends will like me no matter what (used to have some issues with that back in middle school). nJust try to think positive, which I know can be hard at times. We could have something like down syndrom or other things that would make it hard (and sometimes impossible) to function in society. nBreanna

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