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Chargers is right, I guess it depends on who the patient is. How much phe someone is allowed is based on things like age, weight and your metabolism. Me and my sister are only allowed 300phes a day because that’s all our bodies can handle before our levels get to high.
As for wanting levels to be different I’m not 100% sure why that would be. Probably because some doctors just believe it is safer to have different type of levels but I know the most common levels that doctors want is 2-6mg/dl. I know of someone who is about 26 and his doctors want his levels between 5-8mg/dl. I guess it’s kind of like school. Just because all kids go to school doesnt’ mean that their parents handle it the same way as others. Some like their children to do their homework once they get home and other parents don’t care. Some doctors want levels to be between certain numbers and others want it between other numbers. I guess I can’t give you an exact reason for why levels are different for doctors. nBreanna

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