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She is on Phenex 1. Went off all breast milk for 72 hrs, now is allowed 7 oz of breast milk or formula daily, rest is phenex. First couple of days was less breast milk or formula, but is what it is now. So, from 7 days 54 mins old, went on pku formula. Will change as she gets older to phenex 2 then phenex 3 (I think is 3). Plus goes back to dmc children’s at 3 months,6 months, 9months and 1 year where they will help us introduce appropriate solid foods. The older full sib Joshua 2 3/4 is trying to feed her real food already ’cause she’s hungry’, so we’re taking advantage to not only teach him safety of babies can’t eat real food yet, but to begin to teach him about Gabriella food and not-Gabriella food. I think he’ll be very protective of her as they get older. The other nurses at work were almost as excited as I was when her level went to 4, has been very great to have good co-workers and an understanding manager during the past week and 1/2 when I had to come in late because of heel sticks and phone calls, plus my head being elsewhere for a couple of days. Randy

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