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hi all…just realized what’s been wrong with me all my age 56…attention..mood..hearing loss…visual…lack of fluidity in movement…memmory…all the symptoms of ms…lyme’s disease…diabetes like pains and burning without any sign of any of these…aspartame(nutrasweet) intolerance..on..and on and…to everyone else that’s been diagnosed…stay on your diet!!!! been taking mobic…lyrica for pain and neuropathy…aricept and namenda for memory recently…in the past for years effexor for depression and bextra(until they took it off the market) for pain…iin the past week i came upon by accident aa web page titled Nutrasweet detox…and then PKU! ouch! i limited my meat fish eggs milk products and protein in general and the pain and burning is almost non-existant…memory is still a still taking meds for that.
my story is my mother was told never to breast feed me back in 1951…my dad told me i stomped my feet so hard when i was young that it brought tears to his eyes…so on and so forth the story goes on, in my 30’s and 40’s…my parents relayed info to me but they were never told what my situation was…though doctors recognized something was going on with pku back then. as a child…snow white hair…pale green eyes…pale complexion..etc…though i don’t appear this way today. bad allergies…now in one week so much has cleared up by limiting protein on my own..i now have an appointment to get properly tested and treatment to begin. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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