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About the him being sensitive, that might be possible. I know that Erica (My 8-year-old sister who also has PKU) has always been a very emotional little girl. Just out of curiosty, how have his levels been lately? I know that sometimes when blood levels aren’t where they need to be that kids can have alittle harder time learning. I know that I had this problem alittle in 4th grade, everyone could read chapter books and I couldn’t at all…but that might have also had to do with I just never liked reading.
Does your clinic that your son go to hold get togethers like picnics, partys conferences ect? I know when I was little sometimes I didn’t like being alittle different then my siblings and it helped to go to these things and be able to eat all my low protein foods without worrying and see other children like me. In fact to this day being different doesn’t bug me anymore and now I’m trying to help my sister understand it’s okay to be different.
I just wanted to mention, I think that parents of PKU’ers are all extrememly strong! I’ve lived with PKU all my life so it isn’t any change for me, but all of you parents have to adjust your lives a great deal when you have a PKU child…just wanted to tell you all that your kids could never do it without you! I know I couldn’t! Keep up the good work and just above all support your kids and let them know it’s perfectly okay to be different! nBreanna

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