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1 exchange=15phes so 53 exchanges is 795phes and I’m pretty sure that three exchanges is 1g of protein. So 1g of protein is about 45g (but this can change and isn’t always accurate).
If you order the book you simply open it up and go to the section you want for example if you want to find the phe in an apple you would go to the fruit and vegetable section. Then you would find apple and it will have a column that tells amount and another that says exchange. So then lets just say it says the amount in the exchange column for an apple is .6 so then that would be how many exchanges it would be for how ever much amount is in the amount column.
Actually the book does have pages in there that explains how you use the book and your husband would have to just write down what he eats then how much exchanges or phes he eats in a day and add it up throughout the day and make sure he doesn’t have mor ehtne he should. Hope this helps alittle. nBreanna

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